Welcome - We have been your community family owned feed mill, manufacturer of quality animal feeds since 1920.
PRODUCTS - Minerals / Salts   BLOCKS .. BRICKS .. SPOOLS .. LOOSE                   >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - SEEDS    We sell only the BEST seeds for:  ALFALAFA .. Small GRAINS .. Pasture GRASSES .. Turf GRASSES .. Annual FORAGES .. WILDFLOWER Mixes                            >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - SPECIALTIES   We have a huge inventory of products. Just ask .. we most likely have it or can get it special ordered for you. From milk replacements to wood pellets. Just ask if you don't see it listed!  >> Read More  
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CLEARANCE SALE January 20th thru Feburary 1st
We will miss you!
We are grateful to all of our customers and friends we have made throughout the years.
PRODUCTS - Horses   We are a manufacturer of feeds and because of that, we can offer you  and your Horse many options that are not generally available.  Complete feeds, pelleted, textures or if you choose a custom made feed.  Complete feeds, pelleted, textures or if you choose a custom made feed.                >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - Livestock Feeds available for goats, cattle, swine and sheep for all stages of life. From newborns to gestation, lactation, or maintenance feeds. >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - Poultry / Fowl / Pigeons We have quality feeds for your poultry/fowl for all stages of life. Starters to Finishers for Poultry, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese. >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - Pets Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and Wildbirds, we have quality feed for all your pets. Economical brands to all meat & vegetable/fruit mixes for cats and dogs. Gestation mixes. Lactation mixes. Wild bird blends. >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - Show Feeds We are long time specialists in the “SHOW” industry. We Custom mix feeds for your Swine, Sheep, Goats. Rabbits and Specialty products.   >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - Grains   Single Ingredients   We recieve Quality Products direct from our local Farmers  then process them to “YOUR” Liking   >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - Pest Control   Fly & Mosquito Repellent. Premise Sprays & Foggers Rodent Control Lice and Mange Control Grasserhopper Bait Wasp & Hornet Control Wormers Ant Bait  >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - Dry EDIBLES           Pinto Beans   New Crop Available in:   •  20# Bags •  50# Bags •100# Bags    >> Read More  
PRODUCTS - Custom MIXING   We have high quality grains like OATS, WHEAT, BARLEY & CORN. Protein Sources like:  SOY PELLETS .. SOY MEAL .. DISTILLERS GRAIN .. DEHY HAY ..  FISH MEAL.  We have mixes for all species.      We can Grind it or Leave it as Whole Grains. We can find alternatives for Corn and Soy. We can Blend grains to find the perfect Protein, Fat, or Energy Level your animals need.  >> Read More  
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